At Coastal Fitness Center all of our Trainers are nationally certified or have degrees based on exercise sciences. Our trainers work as a team to help ensure all of our clients are successful and enjoy their experience at the gym. Each trainer is different in their style of teaching and coaching, which makes our staff very versatile for all fitness goals. When you choose to work with a trainer you will be matched with the person who fits with your personality as well as goals. Even though each trainer has their own style of teaching, we all use the same uniform process of writing comprehensible workouts and checking progress with each client regularly.

Look through our staff of trainers and see their certifications and licenses, see who is here to help you on your path and have a good idea of the pros we have that help build our family! Whether it be our professional fit team, our cadre of certified swim instructors, your fitness class trainer or if you simply would like to find a good personal trainer to help you, we have them all here.

CFC Professional Staff

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