PBM - "Photobiomodulation" Therapy has been made available here at Coastal Fitness Center as an essential pain management tool commonly used by athletic trainers in most major league sports franchises in the United States, as well as by many Olympic teams. Trainers claim that elite athletes make comebacks faster after being injured when PBMT is part of the treatment plan. Major league pitchers, for example, use lasers as part of a normal warm-up routine, and many athletes use them as part of rehabilitation.

Coastal Fitness Center has implemented PBM "red light" - photo-biometric therapy.

what is PBM THERAPY?

PBM stands for: "Photo Biometric Modulation". The PBM Bed is a Whole-Body Light Therapy Bed exclusively designed to deliver effective, penetrating wavelengths at the proven power densities and dosages that cover the body more evenly than any other device. PBM Therapy, is the application of red and near-infrared light to tissue where there is degeneration or injury, to improve, repair, and reduce inflammation and pain. This is achieved via PBM Therapy’s ability to reduce oxidative stress which is accepted as the underlying trigger for most diseases and degenerative conditions. Oxidative stress is also a component in the inflammatory phase of acute and chronic injuries.

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Coastal Fitness Center has implemented Evolt 360 to its growing assets for clients to monitor and maintain goals.


The Evolt 360 Body Composition Scanner, what we call the Intelligent Body Scanner, is a simple-to-use 60-second scan that provides detailed data about a body through more than 40 measurements. All readings are specific to the individual, allowing trainers to better design a health and wellness program.


Ideal for helping you run that extra few miles by loosening up the muscles. Tightness in your mid back restricting your golf swing? A sports massage aimed at working on the muscles in your upper back and shoulders can assist with improving your rotation. Relaxing massages also open up muscles and promote good blood flow. Relaxing, therapeutic and comprehensive, Coastal Fitness Center's Massage Therapy can help you.


Myzone is a hardware, software and wearable platform that supports and motivates everyone in being more physically active, building a community and increasing member engagement. From monitoring your status, to developing a plan and keeping track of performance, to communicating your goals, MyZone is a great addition to the Coastal Fitness Center that provides excellent results.

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