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We'd like you to get to know about Coastal Fitness Center. We are a family owned and operated facility. Located right here in Hampstead, NC. We love getting to know our customers and when you are here... you too are family. We work hard to make this your one-stop shop for fitness and welcome our customer feedback. It's how we grow!

Our Facilities

Another great thing about Coastal Fitness Center is that we find that it is through our pride of maintaining a great workspace that we have some of the best equipment to work with. Whether you are needing some cardio work, looking to do some weightlifting, boxing or any exercise, we take your needs to the next level with professional staff and industry standard equipment to help you achieve your goals.

family owned & a part of the community

We also don't stop that at the front door either. We engage with our community, helping and even hosting community events with local businesses because we love our area. Coastal Fitness isn't just a place to work out, it's also a place to build yourself while being a part of something fun and positive. You'll always have a friend with us and our friends don't sweat alone.

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