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Our offices are at the fitness center, so there is no disconnection between our management and our facility. Our front desk staff are up to speed on the majority of issues and frequently asked questions you may have and can help walk you through. We can even book you a tour of the facility! Equally, our professional trainer are on hand as well to answer any questions you may have regarding your fitness goals. We look forward to helping you out or even giving you advice on your step in the fitness journey.

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Frequently Asked questions

What is the Gym schedule?

Our gym schedule is usually: MON-FRI 7am-11pm and Weekends from 7am-11pm. However, some classes and events will differ and most hour changes and updates are sent via our e-mail list and social media. Check out the Scheduling Link above in the Navigation Section for specific hours.

Do you offer a trial day for the gym?

YES! Of course, we offer a free "One Day Trial" of the gym & and facilities. One full day to check out the facilities to help you decide if Coastal Fitness Center is right for you.
Click below to schedule your "Free Tour" and get a "FREE ONE DAY PASS"!

How long are the classes duration?

Depending on which class you participate in, class times usually vary. However, most of our classes run about one hour. We ensure classes begin promptly and end on time so that you can schedule your time easier.

Do you offer 1-on-1 classes and personal training?

Yes, we have some the most professional and certified trainers available for your personal training. A few of our classes allow for our trainers to focus on any issues you may have including any reservations about starting. No one gets left behind on the fun we have and we can always discuss situations individually if necessary.

What is the monthly subscription for the gym?

Coastal Fitness Center offers some of the greatest deals around the Eastern Carolinas, let alone locally. We currently offer one month memberships for $60***, with the additional value of adding family members for only $30, per member! You can also book out memberships for 6 months or one full year at $45/month!

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