Melissa Martin

Melissa Martin

Massage Therapist


Melissa Martin

Swedish Massage
Relaxing massage that utilizes gentle pressure and long gliding strokes known as “effleurage” to increase circulation, reduce stress and soothe tired muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage
This a more focused massage intended to work deeper muscle groups and break up adhesions in your fascia tissue. Deep tissue massage can improve your range ofmotion and help manage chronic muscle pain.

Prenatal Massage
Pregnancy is a challenging time for the body and massage can help ease soreness n the back and hips, reduce swelling and encourage restful sleep.

Integrative Reflexology
Stimulating reflex points on the feet and hands can affect the entire body through energetic pathways called meridians. Integrative reflexology uses these points coupled with massage therapy to promote full body wellness, aid digestion, organ and endocrine functions.

Stone Massage
Stones are a relaxing tool for massage as they provide a firm, smooth pressure. Hot stones are used to lengthen and relax and are effective in treating stubborn muscle “knots”. Cold stones can be used to calm inflammation and tone overworked muscles. Combining both hot and cold stones creates a unique sensation with a highly therapeutic effect.

Active Isolated Stretching
This technique requires client participation to create one of the most effective stretches possible as the therapist guides and assists movements targeted muscle groups against resistance.

Medical Massage
Structural patterns are assessed and specific pain and mobility issues are treated with anatomically focused deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy. Designed to improve range of motion, rehabilitate injured muscles and treat chronic pain.

Thai Yoga Bodywork
This massage is practiced fully clothed on a mat. Compression and stretches are used to activate the deepest muscle layers and result in a healing and energetically restorative experience 


Melissa is a licensed massage therapist:  (NC LMT #2631)

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